A comrade falls:The Ubaldmobile, R.I.P. 2005

Taken too soon...

Alas another fallen soldier.

The bike that was only weeks ago to carry me to greatness in the Tour of Hope has been silenced forever.

Observe I have taken the traditions passed on to me and have poured a pint in it’s memory.

Last week the bottom bracket came loose during a ride, unbeknownst to me, and by the time I realized – the damage was done. The bottom bracket threads had stripped, thus ending it’s illustrious career.

I feel as the mechanic I must shoulder some of the blame for perhaps better maintenance would have identitifed the potential hazard sooner. Sorry I let you down old pal.

He will be missed.

It is in tribute that I announce the launch of project:lemonMerchant.

project:lemonMerchant will be the project bike that will be the replacement for the Ubaldmobile that I will build up from scratch – well, almost from scratch. Nature has signed on to build me a badass set of bomb proof wheels for the final product and I have agreed to let him do it as it will bring infinite good mojo to the bike. Stay tuned for details of the project.

Let us take a moment to remember this valiant steed taken from us too soon….

Final stats:
2000 Gary Fisher HooKoo E Koo
Size, Medium (18″)
2,300+ miles
One continuous good time.

Note: It should be pointed out that contrary to rumors circulating the web, this was indeed a random and unfortunate accident, and NOT an act of sabotage carried out by a disgruntled former team buKit tool/technician as some internet news sources are reporting.