Stroopwafel Science 2

Shortly after leaving the house this morning I realized I’d neglected to throw a @clifbar in my bag to have for breakfast with my coffee so I decided a stop at my local gas-n-sip to procure one was in order. While there I stumbled upon this temporary solution to my stroopwafel interface problems of late.

On the plus side, we see that there is considerable – arguably too much – overhang, but at least there is zero risk of fall-in. From a culinary standpoint, this solution receives high marks. Obviously there are a few downsides.

Sub-optimal consistent heating, producing only a small warm spot in the cookie’s center without even heat distribution to the edges. Even moving the cookie around caused problems as it’s sheer mass made it fall over if not centered on the cup. There’s also the consternation of my team dietician at the lack of any redeemable nutritional value of this solution. Finally, at $1.99 per cookie, this solution could hardly be considered economically viable. In conclusion, a temporary fix only – an expensive, structurally flawed, nutritiously-void-while-at-the-same-time-glorious temporary fix.