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  • “Addiction is actually the point.”

    It would seem more people are getting it. Via Cal Newport’s blog post, Senator Hawley on Social Media: “addiction is actually the point.” “Social media only works as a business model if it consumes users’ time and attention day after day after day. It needs to replace the various activities we did perfectly well without social media, for […]

  • Why Facebook Algorithms Are Like Gambling

    I used to hate the random postiness Facebook algorithms used to fill my feed and the fact that it changed every time I viewed it. Now I enjoy it. It’s the social media equivalent of pulling the arm on a slot machine. It’s your online VLT. You can come up short or hit the jackpot each […]

  • An open letter to anyone who’s ever bought me a drink.

    Hey man, that was great, thanks for picking up that round. What a killer time we had. Unfortunately, after you bailed because you had to be up early the next day, I stayed at the bar and drank with those couple of people we met there. Then, when they left, I drank until the bar […]