Why Facebook Algorithms Are Like Gambling

I used to hate the random postiness Facebook algorithms used to fill my feed and the fact that it changed every time I viewed it. Now I enjoy it.

It’s the social media equivalent of pulling the arm on a slot machine. It’s your online VLT. You can come up short or hit the jackpot each and every  time you refresh/reload the page. Damn, that adrenaline rush. Can you feel the winning? Definitely sounds like something that would fit perfectly in Vegas.


If you don’t like what you see in your feed you can change it up. You get to adjust the amount of crazy you see in your feed to suit your needs or even mood at that particular moment.

Too many political crazies? Reload. Cat post brain explosion? Reload. One too many Jack Handey-esque inspirational sunrise memes? Reload.

You never know what you’ll get. Just keep reloading that page until you’re happy with the results.

It can get a little frustrating when you’re actually trying to find a specific post that you’d seen earlier and want to share or comment on. Chances are if you reload enough times – like maybe try a good half-hour or so of reloading, it will pop up again. I mean, you’ve got the time, right? You could go to the persons’ profile that made the post originally, or search for it, but that’s a lot of heavy lifting.

Just reload. Reload and get a new batch of stuff uniquely curated for you. Don’t like who Facebook thinks you are at that moment? Reload.

Facebook understands. Facebook gets me. Their slogan should be, Facebook: we put the ME in social media.

Soon, Instagram will be the same too. Time thinks it’s a good thing, so it must be ok. Life is a gamble. Shouldn’t your online experience be too? THE THRILLS!

Tired of guys posting about the strange and annoying quirks of Facebook and Instagram when you’d rather see a cute puppy video? Reload.

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