Lunch Loop

January of 2019 marked 15 years since I first started to commute to work by bike. Commuting to work by bike is something that would/could be a blog category all it’s own. There’s that much to say. I won’t say it here.

What commuting to work by bike did end up facilitating was The Lunch Loop. When you have a bike already at work, and nothing to do at lunch, you leave your office and ride a loop. This has been happening for 15 years. When I came up against periods of time when for whatever reason I had to drive to work, I realized I could still just keep a bike at work. Lunch Loops continued. I have a permanent work bike now.

There’s no way I could say how many there have been. And I’ve taken pictures on almost all of them.

I could elucidate ad nauseam about the zen, mind-clearing, sanity-restoring benefits of having such a practice as part of one’s work day, but I’m not going to. You either get it or you don’t. If you don’t my suggestion is – experiment.

The first rule of Lunch Loop is that there’s only one rule: make a loop. Leave your place of work and return to the same place. It doesn’t matter how long you ride, or how convoluted your path, or if you backtrack on your route, or if you run errands along the way, or if you get coffee. Or ice cream. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you take, or if you wear spandex, or if you wear flip-flops. One simply loops. On a bike. During lunch. On a workday.