Stroopwafel Science

I continue to struggle and experiment with stroopwafel/coffee receptacle interface challenges. We see here my @guenergylabs waffle and @gsioutdoors mug combo is better, however the tolerances are extremely tight and it took some finesse to avoid dreaded Stroopwafel Fall-In Syndrome.

Personally, I’d like to see a bit more Stroopwafel overhang, just to be on the safe side, especially when you consider that sometimes external environmental conditions can factor in. Case in point – I’ve been coming to this particular picnic table long enough to know that it has a wicked, spring-loaded wobble that rockets the table upward when you get up off the seat, spilling coffee – and if you’re not careful – stove fuel, considerably. Knowing this, after careful placement of the Stroopwafel for the warming sequence this morning, when getting up to dispose of my coffee filter, I slowly unweighted the seat and allowed the table to rise gradually thus avoiding what could have been a rather ugly Coffee Outside Incident. Remember kids, safety third. I tell you something else, ‘Stroopwafel’ sure is a fun word to say