When all else fails, it doesn’t.

I rode the fixie in today. Always makes me smile. I’d forgotten what a pleasureable (and different) experience it is. Every time I ride it, I vow to do so more – it’s the damn hills that change my mind. Going up AND down. No coasting.

I updated my WordPress today and forgot to backup my theme, so it dumped all my customizations. D’oh! will have to fix the ol’ blog all up again. Sigh.

Girls are at horseback riding camp this week and loving it. Julia’s already sad about it being over and there’s 3 days left. I see alot of horse related expenses in my future.

Mom will be arriving on August 12 to help out with the pending baby coming. Julie, my boss (who called Colin’s birth to THE DAY) has said this one will come ON August 12. The actual due date is Sept 27, but none of us actually thought that would be it. We’ve got 2 new woodstoves being installed on the 11th, the girls go to the dentist the 12th, they have art class on the 13th, Lyn’s supposed to have a glucose test on the 14th and Emma has a birthday party to go to on the 17th. Should be an interesting week. I’ll be at the pub if you need me.

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  1. Mom,

    From Wikipedia: “A fixed-gear bicycle or fixed wheel bicycle, is a bicycle without the ability to coast. The sprocket is screwed directly on to the hub and there is no freewheel mechanism.” See also, “Fun.”

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