Which way is up?

So I’m trolling the web this evening. Spent some time on ecmtb among other spots.

I shoulda been working on a freelance gig for think, but after much back and forth of files today and a boatload of frustration, I arrive at home to begin and realize that I’ve been sent the wrong files. Clock is ticking. Job’s due Monday. 3 guesses at what I’ll be doing this weekend. That and laying out a cover of a poetry book.

What else? Oh yeah – a dual kid birthday party to plan. We should have had invites out prolly around a week ago, alas we as yet don’t even have a venue. We were going to do it at our house, opted out thinking the Superstore would be a good option. BUZZER. No kids under 5. That rules out Emma and her crew, so it’s back to the drawing board. I was thinking we should just take all 10 of the minions to a party room some where, give ’em a jug of kool aid, a bag of chips, some granulated sugar and 10 cans of silly string, close the door and let ’em have at it. ‘Tis what memories are made of…

Parents can hang at the bar.

It’s raining here. No. It’s snowing. It’s snaining. Or rowing. We’ve had 2 days of rain. They’re calling for 10cm of snow tomorrow, then ‘heavy rains’ on Saturday. Climate Change, what? The climate here seems to change on the hour. Monsoon at 5, 6:30 drought. I exaggerate, but well – it’s fun to. The only good thing is that the milder temps mean hopefully more saddle time on the bike. Always a good thing.

I swear by something – I dunno, my hockey gear – that I’m going to get some sort of portfolio up here by the end of the month. I’ve been saying that since Jan. 1. It must be done. Shit. Wait. Birthday and the parents visiting is end of the month. I rescind my swear. It might not happen. You’ll have to be happy with the custom handmade ‘bucket’ illustration atop the sidebar for now.

The highlight of the week, Rush has a new album out May 1st. Now if only an 8 pack of Alpine in cans wasn’t $14.85, I might be able to celebrate a little.

$14.85. For beer. In CANS even.

I mean, your average high school kid can’t afford that. What’s the world coming to?

I’ve been reduced to buying the ‘cheap stuff’ (hardly) due to my dire financial constraints. See the portfolio reference above.

Ahhhh, I remember the salad days of Moosehead, or even some sort of Microbrew in BOTTLES. Heady times they were.

Wish I was back in Ol’ Virginny to sample some of DT’s handcrafted goods. I never had the chance to sample any, but I can tell by the way the man talks beer that his product is goooooood.

Well, I haven’t sunk to Milwaukee’s Best or Malt Liquor yet, so there’s still hope.

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  1. Ha, hold strong! $15 bucks for Alpine…man I hope that is Canadian and not US dollars. Sounds like it might be time for you to take up the craft. If you ever end up back here for a bit, I’ll be sure to give you a sixer of my finest IPA.

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