Status. Quo?

So my folks returned home from their weeklong visit today, twas nice to see them.

We had to laugh when they talked about how cold it was. It’s been above freezing the whole time they were here – and we even got a little snow to complete the postcard picture, but my dad still went out to the Farmer’s Market bundled up like an eskimo. You should have heard him cursing when he slipped in the slush/mush coming out of the liqour store. I think he cursed the whole country. We had a nice visit though and my dad took us out to a great dinner at Brewbakers where we discovered some excellent wine – hence the trip to the liqour store to pick some up and take home with him. If you happen to be by their house in the near future, you should pressure him into opening it up, it should be excellent.

So now, here I am, watching Hockey Night in Canada sipping my brew with a little buzz rolling. I’ve got some wings and cheese sticks cooking in the oven that should be ready mid way through the 2nd period and Coach’s Corner is on now. Life’s pretty good. Toronto’s playing Montreal and both are scraping for a playoffspot and it’s some DAMN FINE hockey. Pretty much whoever looses is going golfing and the winner gets into the playoffs.

The kids are in bed after catching a surprise (gift) airing of some sort of Barbie Fairytopia movie that they actually hadn’t seen yet on tv just before bedtime. Sometimes the planets all come into alignment.

I’ve finally compiled an up to date list of my entire music collection – cause I’m a geek like that – and I’ll be posting that soon. You’ll also notice I’ve finally posted some samples of my work in a portfolio type fashion (link on the right) so hopefully my path to ritches is now well paved. Send me your work, I have no shame.

I got my huge print job at work (the ‘art book’, I won’t say more) signed off and to the printers. I only hope I caught everthing. At this point it’s my life’s opus (to date) and I’m anxious/stressed/paranoid to see it in print.

We’ve got a new project for the next season that is poised to be EXTREMELY cool, however, I really can’t discuss it – although I’m dying to – to keep a lid on things. All I can say is it’s WAY up my alley.

Kids’ birthdays went well. They got good schwag, had fun bowling (they asked when they could go again) and it’s become readily apparent that we need to keep an eye on the Bean with regards to the boys. She invited 5 kids to her party, 3 were boys (and 1st graders – OLDER MEN) and she still proceeded to push them around like toys. I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud. At least she appeared to be in charge, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve got pictures to post, but have to wait until I have the opportunity to do so with something other than my caveman-speed dial up. Stay tuned.

As far as the new baby goes, things are progressing smoothly. Lyn is toatally ready to be done with it, even though she’s still got 2 months left. So far the doctors and ultrasound technicians are telling us that he’s ‘big’ for his age’ and she’s feeling it. Emma told her the other day ‘You’re as big as a house, momma…’ and that about sums it up. I’ve named him Big Bubba for the time being, much to the chagrin of my mom. I think she mentioned being omitted from the will should he be born and that wind up his name…I’ve always enjoyed being controversial…

Once again I’m really making a concerted effort to read more. Currently I’ve two books on the go. One is Have Not Been the Same (which so far, is awesome) and the other is O’Reilly’s Head First HTML. I know what you’re saying, ‘HTML? Doesn’t he know this shit already? He’s got his own web page….’ Truth is, at my finest, I’m really just a hack. I’m copping other peoples stuff and twisting it to my own devious uses. I really want to be able to spew forth my own code – specifically CSS and the like, but I need to get a solid handle on the HTML before I jump to CSS. To all you non web geeks out there, this is the equivalent of getting good on my Atari 2600 to prepare for the Wii, but you gotta start with the basics.

As a result I continue to tinker with this blogs appearance, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. So be it. If you don’t like it, send me a letter. I’ll pass it on to the QA dept.