I have waited 6 months for these days.

Suiting up in the dark. The freezing temps. The getting sick. The cold and the wet.

It would seem the weather has finally made up it’s mind here. It was insane nice this past weekend. I took this picture last Friday on the ride home with the full intention of posting it that evening. It was so nice outside (70 all weekend) however, that I never went in the house long enough.

We bbq’d every day. The kids and the dog played in the mud. Actually, that’s not true, I did go inside at opportune times to watch parts of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but of course that was IMPORTANT.

Big art book launch is this weekend. Should be fun. Will be nice to finally see it in print. I’d provide a link here, but alas, there’s no info up on the gallery’s website. Odd.

That’s about all I have to report.

Oh, and I did stumble upon a perfectly good copy of Blinker the Star’s A Bourgeois Kitten at the public library here in the ‘make an offer’ bin. I gave ’em a buck. Score.