You know you’re a commuter when…

This morning on the way in, I sat up in the saddle, swung my messenger bag around and unclipped it, opened it up and flipped over the cassette I was listening to on my Sports Walkman (yeah the old yellow ones) because that side of the tape was over. Clipped everything back up, swung it around again, had a sip of juice and then kept on going –

 – all without breaking cadence on rough gravel trail.

Most of you will miss the significance of this, but cyclists will appreciate the simple purity of it.

Oh, and why am I using a Walkman for crying out loud? Well, my iPod is a 1st generation one (a collectors item at this point) and in these colder temps (just above freezing) I only get about 15-20 minutes out of the battery.

The fun side effect has been that going through my old tapes has brought me back to some really cool stuff I’d forgotten about. That could also be a fancy way of saying ‘I’m too poor to buy new music’. Or perhaps I’m approaching to old.

Time to start opening sentences with ‘What ever happened to….?’ and ‘Remember when…?’

One reply on “You know you’re a commuter when…”

  1. Well Well Well. As a non-bike geek, non- commuter (20min in my car kills me) and the generally non-athletic, clutz child in our family, I am impresed by your feat of balance, skill, technical prowess and general coolness.

    However having said, that lets talk about this new layout/page design. It is far to simple and stream lined, and not flashy. I can’t even find the archives. Remmber me? Your sister with the attention span of a flea at best. I need color, lights, sounds and things jumping all over. If you use any of the words SALE, FREE, BONUS, HANDBAGS, SHOES, SILKY, SHINNY, SEXY, or SMOOTH in combination you could have me locked in for hours. (If you make them glittery in blue, could be days!)

    Kidding about all of that of course, except the “s” words for some reason I really like them. The page as always looks great. My only request is a link connected to each of your cd’s so I can shop your library from here. How cool would that be? Can’t wait for the little guy hope all the family is well and glad you still find time to keep us updated, it makes it a bit easier to be so far away.


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