Category: The Fack Ranch

  • Garden/Yard Update 2021

    Photos don’t really do the ‘red’ in the last two justice. It’s so deeeeep.

  • Grooming.

  • Reno Report

    I’ve been quiet here on the interwebs lately. Hardly still in the real world though. Very busy with work, hockey season and working on Emma’s room. I realized I hadn’t posted an update for awhile. Got the first coat of primer on the walls today. Chugging along. If I’m done with it by January 1, […]

  • New Basement Window

    So, renovations are afoot at The Fack Ranch. We’re adding a bedroom in the basement for the 2nd oldest kid as she will maybe be staying through university. The previous window was not large enough to allow egress in the case of a fire, so that meant cutting a bigger hole in the foundation to […]

  • Home Office Update

    Looks like I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, which is alright with me for a lot of reasons, so I rearranged a bit and hung pictures.

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