Water Works

Had the thought today that a good portion of my time deals with water management.

With regards to water I am at one point or another:

  • Trying to source and provide my family with copious amounts of clean and safe hot and cold versions of it;
  • Trying to prevent damage resulting from it going where I don’t want it or repairing damage resulting from it’s going where I’d rather it had not gone;
  • Recreating in it.

Today I was trying to keep it out of my garage.

New Breezeway Steps

The old steps from our breezeway into the house have always been difficult to traverse for humans and dogs. They were too short and abrupt and due to the height difference between the breezeway floor and the house, very tall.

So, fixed that this weekend. Went full Frank Lloyd Wright and cantilevered the top step/platform out to a bench. The kids would always sit right in the doorway to put their shoes on and then no one could go in or out. Maybe they won’t now. 50/50 chance.