Category: The Fack Ranch

  • Carry Wood

    My 3 cords of firewood were delivered and I set about stacking it to dry. I worked a little each day, in chunks. Partly because it was a good mental exercise break, but also because the heat was pretty serious at times. There’s been volumes written about the merits of manual labor – in case […]

  • Garden 2020 Update

  • Garden 2020 Update

    Random flora and fauna shots thrown in for good measure.

  • Backyard Lights

    Got another string of lights for the backyard. The new ones are LED while the old are not, and the new are much brighter. It’s messing with my backyard feng shui.

  • Berry Patch Lighting

    When I put in the trellis’ for my raspberries and blackberries it occurred to me that it might be cool to have some post cap lights on the top. I wasn’t sure how bright they’d be – just thought it might be interesting in the yard at night. One possible other thing would be that […]