Surly Disc Trucker For Sale – SOLD

Here is your ready-to-roll, bombproof, 4 season commuter/townie/touring rig. It will go basically wherever you point it. It affords a very upright riding position which allows for great visibility and line-of-sight in traffic as well as a solid perch for taking in the views. It would benefit greatly from a set of studded tires in the winter, but I have ridden it year round as-is. This bike has scratches and wear marks all over it and the decals are borked in spots from love/use but the frame and fork are 100% sound. Frame and fork have had internal Framesaver anti-rust treatment two times and have zero rust. All components function perfectly. Bike has had two owners and been professionally maintained by both. Looking to sell complete, but if there’s parts/accessories you don’t want, I’ve noted price deductions below. Depending on your inseam, this bike would be best for someone 5’10”/5’11” and up. Would consider shipping if buyer pays boxing/shipping fees. All dollar amounts are Canadian Dollars.

  • 2013 Surly Disc Trucker Frame,Size 58cm in ‘Super Dark Green’, Stand over height at top tube is 33.25”.
  • 2013 Surly Disc Trucker Fork, uncut steerer tube
  • Ritchey Headset
  • Giant Stem
  • Jones H-Bar SG 2.5 Loop Aluminum Handlebars [swap for flat/riser bar, -$50]
  • Microshift Thumb Shifters
  • Oury Grips/Camo Bar Tape
  • RandiJo Fabrications Waxed Canvas Jeff n’ Joan’s Handle Bar Bag [-$50]
  • RandiJo Fabrications Waxed Canvas Bartender Bag [-$25]
  • Uno Seatpost
  • Brooks C17 Special Cambium Natural Rubber Saddle [-$75]
  • Bontrager Plastic Bottle Cage
  • Planet Bike Roadie Frame Pump [-$35]
  • Shimano Sora 46/34 Double Crankset
  • Crank Bros Double Shot 2-Sided Pedals [-$100]
  • Shimano Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano Front Derailleur
  • Shimano LX Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano 9 Speed 11/34 Cassette
  • Shimano Altus Mechanical Disc Brakes/Tektro Levers – New (3 or 4 rides on them) – installed Sept. 2022
  • Alex DM18 Disc Rims/Shimano Hubs
  • IRC Trail Bear 26×2.25 Tires, almost new
  • Bontrager Rear Rack [-$50]
  • Surly Nice Rack Front Rack [-$150]
  • Planet Bike Hardcore Fenders [-$50]
  • Knog Oi Bell


  • New set of Green Oury Grips
  • 26” Tube

$2000 CAD

Feel free to drop me a line for more details, answers to your questions, or witty banter.


Recently my buddy Steve sent me a chunk of a blog post from an author we both follow over at

To select a destination, I use an obscure app called Randonautica, which creates an X-marker somewhere on a map of the city. The app’s “About” section says it chooses this location through “theoretical mind-matter interaction paired with quantum entropy to test the strange entanglement of consciousness with observable reality.” It says the app’s users, when they arrive at their prescribed locations, often find “serendipitous experiences that seemingly align with their thoughts.”

How to Get the Magic Back, Raptitude

He thought it seemed like an app I’d enjoy – and he wouldn’t be wrong, but really I do it without the app. I can see how in larger cities/metro areas the app might be fun though. I’m know sometimes I tend to hit the same spots/routes out of habit or subconsciously without realizing it.

Most days/times when I head out for a bike ride lately, I have no destination in mind. Sometimes I’m meeting someone somewhere in the middle, but that’s about it. I just pedal and see where I go. I take turns I’ve never taken. I check out places I’ve never gone. ‘It’s a goalless practice.’

And the key is once you get to those places to stop – and as David mentions in his blog post – check things out. There is – quite simply – so much to behold no matter where you are – whether you’ve been there already or not. The Universe is pretty cool that way.

Surly Disc Trucker

Related, after following along for several years now, I dig that David rides bikes too. No wonder much of what we think/experience jives. More people on bikes is only a good thing.

The full deal at:

Enjoy your ride.

The Jeep

I’m pretty sure I’ve commented elsewhere here on my acquisition of this Surly Disc Trucker frame and fork from my buddy Matt some years ago – and how initially I didn’t really dig it. Then tried to sell it. But didn’t, and since have been grateful to the bike gods for putting the kibosh on that.

Now that I have it uniquely appointed for how I want to ride and use it, it has become indispensable. My buddy Cam, the mechanic at my LBS, dubbed it ‘The Picnic Bike’ due to my penchant for taking it on #CoffeeOutside trips and snack runs and presumably also because of the basket. It’s become the go-to for those kinds of rides and grocery/errand runs in any and every kind of weather.

The Porcelain Rocket Microwave Mini-Panniers are perfect for the camp chair and hammock I keep in them at all times and the dry bags stow easily in the PR basket bag until needed. The RandiJo Fabrications Bartender and Jeff and Joan’s Bags keep all kinds of stuff handy on the bars.

Awhile back the Maxxis Aspen semi-slick MTB tires I’d put on it initially were worn thin and needed replacing. I didn’t want to sink a bunch of money into tires and I had these old IRC TrailBears that had been hanging in my shop for literally years – brand new – I’d purchased them for a 26″ mtb that I no longer own. I wasn’t sure they’d fit on this bike and clear the fenders, but lo-and-behold, here they are.

With the super-aggressive tread of these tires, the bike took on even more of a Jeep stance. It’s already green and like a Jeep will tackle most kinds of terrain – it’s pretty easy to find yourself underbiking on this thing. Like a Jeep it will go down most any road or trail you can find – just don’t expect to go fast. Like a Jeep it will smooth out some of the bumps, but not all of them, and as a consequence anything not lashed securely in place will rattle, bounce and clank around making a considerable racket on the way. On the plus side, that lets the bears know you’re coming. It weighs a ton and isn’t exactly ‘nimble’, but conversely it’s steady and predictable, and you can pack a shit-tonne of stuff in/on it.

At this point it keeps getting better with age/patina and is almost perfect. Additional upgrades I’d like to make eventually are a leather saddle, a bottle cage that will hold a 1L Nalgene and a dyno front hub and lights to make it even more versatile.

Loving The Jeep. Not for sale.