Emergency Meeting

Called an Emergency Meeting. Just me, myself, the bike and a few select higher-ranking Demons. Being the Highest Ranking Officer in Charge of Anything that Matters, I set a few things straight. Then we discussed our Strategic Plan moving into the 4th quarter of 2020 as well as ideas to capture a larger market share. Then, myself and I decided, fuck that, lets just ride bikes. The Demons were a bit pissed – they wanted us to deliberate some more but I wasn’t having it and they were overruled. I know they secretly enjoyed the bike ride anyway – they always do. Demons gonna demon. Really though, they’re just minor shit-disturbers with nothing better to do. Get ’em outside and they lose focus.

For a Friend

I got an email today from a friend I hadn’t heard from in quite some time. The pandemic has been rough on her. Already battling with anxiety, the stress and constant barrage of suffering online led her to drop off the internet entirely and shutter all her social media accounts. She lost a family member and then there was the ensuing familial strife that sometimes follows these events. She had a falling out with a dear and trusted friend. She was in a dark place. Having had an injury some years back, she hadn’t been on a bike in many years, but one day she got back on. She completely struggled at first due to lack of fitness, but gradually built up to longer and longer loops. Reflecting on it she said, “It was the only thing that cut through my despair.” I went out this afternoon and rode my bike like I have so many times, but this time it was different knowing what a bike ride had done for her, and the crystallization of what it has so often done for me. Her email subject line read, “I think my bike saved my life…” – I hope it keeps doing that for her – I have faith that it will, and I know – because it saved mine some years ago and still does almost every day. I don’t have to tell this to you guys though, you already know this. Perhaps though, maybe someone you know could use some saving. Or maybe it’s you – and that’s ok too.