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  • Spring in NB

    Ah, New Brunswick spring. I ordered some bike swag to send out to homies from a local merchant and of course bike swag should be picked up by bike. So I saddled up the Troll on the day of our usual spring snowstorm and got on with it. Hovering at 0ºC, alternately snowing, raining and […]

  • Starter Home Package in New Brunswick’s Cycling Paradise

    When I moved out here years ago, I loved that I was surrounded on 3 sides by woods. Even though there was neighbours at a distance, it was akin to living in the middle of nowhere. Well, my luck has finally run out and whichever developer owns the lot to one side of me has […]

  • Not back on it still on it.

    Realized that I hadn’t posted a picture of me riding bikes in awhile and maybe you were thinking I didn’t anymore. You’d be thinking wrong. I call ‘First Mud of the Season’. And yup, I’m out in jeans, Blundstones and a puffy jacket. I got pretty dirty on my regular clothes like I used to […]

  • Horace Silver Karate Monkey

    Storm brewing and I was perilously low on coffee beans. Had to make a run. So, hit play on the track and look at the pictures.

  • No more events today.

    Saturday was open. Up early and made coffee in the underground lair while listening to the Bosstones. Headed out for a walk with Titus. Talked about nihilism and child prodigies. Sartre and the Stoics. The weekly menu and cooking rotation as an element everyday existence. Russian prisoner camps and optimism. Canadian Literature and its identity […]