The kids had a day off school which meant I wasn’t obligated to drive anyone anywhere – at least during business hours – so I managed to load the Surly Disc Trucker up and squeeze in a rare commute to the office by bike. This always includes the requisite taking of photos.

Also managed to leave early enough to have time for a #coffeeoutside stop.

And of course, since the bike was in the office, and the sun was hitting it so nicely, I took a few photos of it as well.

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        1. They’ve got spare C17 parts on the Brooks site, so it would seem that they may be serviceable. There’s rivets and ‘casings’ which I think are the parts where the rails insert – possible squeaking there if they’re worn. They’ve got full rails too, so…I dunno. By the time you pay for product and/or shipping though might be as much as a new saddle. You could always write to them and see what they suggest.

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