Forty and One Hundred Things.

It may have to do with my recent passing of 40 years on this rock – even though I tend to not give much credence to hoopla regarding inevitable milestones – but in an effort to get my literal and proverbial House in order, and on the recommendation of semi-retired country gentleman®, Mat Trevors, I’m now reading The 100 Thing Challenge and hope to impart some measure of wisdom and inspiration from within.

I’m pretty sure that I’m already really screwing things up. Although I did manage to unload a bunch of spare bike parts collecting dust to Mat for his winter project (+1 for purging, +1 for karma), I did it in return for copious fly fishing gear. (-1 for accumulation of material goods, -1 for I don’t know when the when the hell I was thinking I will have time to fish).

Back at evens.

Do stay tuned and read along as I hope to muse about the process here.

Mat would be happy to know that I bought the ebook version.

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  1. Haha nice! I never once set out to be a role model

    PS- you bike by my favourite fishing hole each day to & from work…I’ll show you, but you’ll have to take a vow of secrecy…

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