Whole lotta #meh.

At three different points this weekend I’ve thought ‘I should blog about that.’ I think one of them might have even been on a moderately interesting topic. Alas, the ‘meh’ won. The to-do list or whatever else was going on. Fatigue. Forgot it. Dog ate my homework.

I finished Country Gentleman Mat’s bike. Had to consult my bike guru Nature on high in the Colorado Rockies for some sage tech advice.

I’ve taken on redesign/maintenance/social media personification for The Nashwaak Watershed Association. I wanted to get involved regarding what’s going on in my neck of the woods.Y’know. ‘Cause I don’t have enough to do. And I’ve sorta ‘meh’d’ that off lately as well.

Research for that did however lead me to some great work/folks/product/codery at Studiopress which has inspired me to want to host my own site again over at kentfackenthall.com – ‘meh’ central.

I’ve got some other freelance in the hopper that I’m ‘meh’ing on as well. Mayhaps because I’m a bit pissed off (and quite strapped coming into the holiday season) as I’m 4months out on some other invoices that a freelance client hasn’t paid. Hard to ‘meh’ that off, but have to try.

Still reading and working on the 100 Thing Challenge. I was going to sell my CDs and got them out of the boxes to catalogue them so I could send a list over to Backstreet and see what they wanted and then I became re-infatuated with them. Dammit.

So this weekend was supposed to be all, or at the very least some of the above. Instead it was baking chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, watching the Habs shit the bed, yet again, even after the axe fell on Martin, and a 4H hike to see a waterfall that almost was only the trail was blocked by high water/ice.