Tag: The 100 Thing Challenge

  • The 100 Thing Challenge: Checking In

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I set out to tackle the 100 Thing Challenge, outlining my thoughts here. Well my self-imposed deadline has past and I’ve dropped the ball. Probably one of the things I should have gotten rid of. Truth is, once I set out to ‘declutter’, I found […]

  • Taking The 100 Thing Challenge.

    I recently finished the book The 100 Thing Challenge in which it’s author, Dave Bruno, attempts to live for a year with only 100 personal items. He did this in response his  fatigue with what he called ‘American Style Consumerisim‘ and in an effort to simplify his life and make more room for the important things. […]

  • Whole lotta #meh.

    At three different points this weekend I’ve thought ‘I should blog about that.’ I think one of them might have even been on a moderately interesting topic. Alas, the ‘meh’ won. The to-do list or whatever else was going on. Fatigue. Forgot it. Dog ate my homework. I finished Country Gentleman Mat’s bike. Had to consult my […]

  • Forty and One Hundred Things.

    It may have to do with my recent passing of 40 years on this rock – even though I tend to not give much credence to hoopla regarding inevitable milestones – but in an effort to get my literal and proverbial House in order, and on the recommendation of semi-retired country gentleman┬«, Mat Trevors, I’m […]