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  • Commuter Rigs of the Early Days

    I started commuting by bike daily around 2003. I rode from Reston to Falls Church in Virginia along the W&OD. This was pre-smartphones and ride tracking apps. I don’t have many photos from back then. A few though from the archives. [1] The first was my daily rider for several years – A @gary_fisher HooKooEKoo. It belonged […]

  • Commutes Are Coming

    Commutes are hopefully coming. Being that during the school year I need to get home in time to be there for my youngest two when they get off the bus, I don’t have the time, even with an adjusted work schedule, to ride the bike to work like I used to. There was a several […]

  • Cross is Coming, Have No Doubt

    Really, if you think about it, that’s kind of a dumb saying.  I mean, I get it and all, particularly in a motivational sense but really, in one way or another, cross is always coming. I was listening to a talk the other day on the Buddhist concept of the ‘5 Hindrances’. The talk is […]

  • It’s Friday, Mofos: Therefore, JAZZ.

    So I’m bombing down the dark backroads of New Brunswick between the Hinterlands of Chipman and Fredericton last night and listening to jazz on CBC Radio2’s Tonic – you know – cause that’s how us New Brunswickers take the sting off an hour back and forth drive for a tough Atom Rec Hockey 8-0 pasting […]

  • Taking The 100 Thing Challenge.

    I recently finished the book The 100 Thing Challenge in which it’s author, Dave Bruno, attempts to live for a year with only 100 personal items. He did this in response his  fatigue with what he called ‘American Style Consumerisim‘ and in an effort to simplify his life and make more room for the important things. […]