Commutes Are Coming

Commutes are hopefully coming. Being that during the school year I need to get home in time to be there for my youngest two when they get off the bus, I don’t have the time, even with an adjusted work schedule, to ride the bike to work like I used to. There was a several year stretch when the were little and Mrs. Designer was still at home that I commuted pretty much every day, year round. We were even a one car family for awhile. I really miss it, so whenever there’s s school holiday or occasion that I can commute during the school year, I make an effort to do so. This year, we aren’t travelling anywhere for March Break, so this is one of those chances to get in a few days before summer and schools out. Being New Brunswick, and being winter, no idea what weather and/or road conditions will be. As such, I’ve prepared two steeds. The Disc Trucker if the roads are clear and iceless enough and the Pugsley if it gets ugly and it’s easier to take the snowmobile trail.