Reason #2,347.

“Why did you move back to Canada?”

I get asked this alot.

My buddy Ryan said the other day that we should go play hockey sometime at lunch at the park up the street.

“There’s ice right up the street?” I said, incredulous.

“Yeah.” He tells me. “At the park.”

Today we went 2 blocks from my office and pulled up to a huge (4 tennis courts), near perfect sheet of ice. Apparently the City of Fredericton maintains the ice, flooding it every night and plowing it when it snows.

“Holy shit!” I says to him. “This is just HERE?! All the time?”

“Yeah.” He says nonchalantly. “There’s a couple other spots in parks around the city too.”

“And THEY clean and flood it all the time? Just like that…” I said in amazement.

We then proceeded to spend our lunch hour playing shinny hockey with the 6 other dudes who just happened to show up.

THAT is why I moved back to Canada.

4 replies on “Reason #2,347.”

  1. Cold’s not so bad! You get to cuddle alot….and then you end up with way too many kids….but you know it’s like having your very own personal pick up hockey team.

  2. Dallas, if you don’t like hockey or the cold then you’re a – wait, I forget the word – a pansy. Yeah. That’s it. Pansy. In your case a shiny-headed pansy.

  3. Big talk from from a man 1000 miles away. I have a good mind to remove my smoking jacket and slippers and give you a little ‘what for’! I’ll be alerting the gentleman at the country club about this transgression! I bid you good day sir! Pistols at dawn!!!

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