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  • World Happiness Report 2019

    According to the World Happiness Report 2019: Finland Denmark Norway Iceland Netherlands Switzerland Sweden New Zealand Canada Australia The USA ranks 19th, down 5 spots since 2017.

  • Snow, Covered

    Was listening to CBC Information Morning Fredericton (yep, good old-fashioned terrestrial radio) a few weeks back and there was a gentleman who emailed in reporting that he had tracked ‘days of snow cover’ in New Brunswick for several years. By ‘days of snow cover’ he meant days after the first snow that sticks, and doesn’t […]

  • Canada

    CANADA So after Monday’s commute home on the fat bike via heavily melted, mashed potato trails was a total gongshow sufferfest (I’m not too proud to admit some walking was involved), for today’s commute I opted for the road and the Disc Trucker. . This one is an interesting story. I was trying hard to […]

  • Hurry, hard.

    In light of the Olympics and for the benefit of some of my new Canadian friends, I’ve dug up this old post from back when I first moved to Canada in the late 90’s. Hopefully it’s relatively amusing…. I mentioned earlier that this installment would contain a discussion of curling. Well, it would except that […]

  • Reason #2,347.

    “Why did you move back to Canada?” I get asked this alot. My buddy Ryan said the other day that we should go play hockey sometime at lunch at the park up the street. “There’s ice right up the street?” I said, incredulous. “Yeah.” He tells me. “At the park.” Today we went 2 blocks […]