Tag: Jones Bikes

  • Christmas (T)Roll

    So a little less than a year ago, my internet homey Matt emailed me out of the blue to let me know he was liquidating his Surly stock. He had a Troll and a Pugsley up for sale and wanted to know if I wanted any parts or whole. As a matter of backstory, I […]

  • The Long Way

    One time, @thefivetoedsloth let me test ride his @jonesbikes (SWB? LWB?) I forget the letters. The thing I was most struck by was the feeling of being ‘in’ the bike as opposed to ‘on’ the bike. It was pretty cool. He eventually sold it to @heyjaffy which is good because had I’d known it was for sale I probably would have […]

  • Jeff n’ Joan’s

    Thought I’d share my unsolicited (well ‘sorta-solicited’ – Randi asked me in the nice handwritten note that came with my bag to let them know what I thought of it) thoughts on my @randijofab Jeff ’n’ Joan’s bag.  /  I got one of these bags when they first launched ‘em –  I had been wanting […]

  • Canada

    CANADA So after Monday’s commute home on the fat bike via heavily melted, mashed potato trails was a total gongshow sufferfest (I’m not too proud to admit some walking was involved), for today’s commute I opted for the road and the Disc Trucker. . This one is an interesting story. I was trying hard to […]

  • The Surly Pugsley Adventure Bike

    I honestly don’t remember when I first saw a fatbike. I know it was a Surly Pugsley. It may have been a prototype floating around the interwebs. I do remember when they first put a production one in the catalog. I remember thinking that it was awesome. And I knew instantly a lot of people […]