The Long Way

Surly pugsley against a dumpster.

One time, @thefivetoedsloth let me test ride his @jonesbikes (SWB? LWB?) I forget the letters. The thing I was most struck by was the feeling of being ‘in’ the bike as opposed to ‘on’ the bike. It was pretty cool. He eventually sold it to @heyjaffy which is good because had I’d known it was for sale I probably would have figured out some way to buy it. Jacking these Jones bars up on the Pugsley gives some of the same feel, though more cramped because it’s a smaller frame – probably too small for me in truth – but that’s another matter. All that said, it’s pulled pork sammich night and we needed buns so I headed to my local for supplies. Treated myself to a @jonessodaco – root beer natch, because they’re awesome. Also, as it turns out this post is all about the Joneses.