Tag: Albert Camus

  • House of Sisyphus

    I joined a new gym. I found it on kijiji. House of Sisyphus. “We train the body AND the mind.” That was all it said. Not much to go on really, but the price was right, FREE. So I shot them an email. I got a reply from some guy named Bert Camu. Weird name. […]

  • Amor Fati

    Shared my Camus/Sisyphus observation with my buddy and personal sage, A. Titus Esq., the other day and he of course responded as only he could: “A position I have long held to be so…One must imagine Sisyphus happy. Nietzsche called this ‘Amor fati’. Or as I like to call it, ‘be quiet and go’.” I’ve […]

  • The Myth of Sisyphus

    So, according to Camus, Sisyphus was happy with his predicament. Huh. Hadn’t seen that one coming, but kinda makes sense. “Finally, he is clear on the fact that the purpose of life isn’t to live as good and comfortable as possible, but it’s to live as much as possible. It’s to have a zest and […]