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  • Neil Elwood Peart, 1952-2020

    I’ve been a Rush fan since high school. Being a drummer I was attracted by that, then eventually got into Neil’s lyrics. He influenced me in so many ways. He made me realize rock musicians could be smart. He got me to read again. I wrote poetry.  Over the years I have owned all the […]

  • The Art of Rush

    When I was in art class in 7th grade I used to hang out with this ‘heavy metal kid’ – not because I was into heavy metal per se, but because I was good at hand-drawn band logos. We bonded over our versions of Iron Maiden’s unique workmark. One day I mentioned I played drums […]

  • Mixtape Archive 1

    Back in another lifetime when I was living in a house with anywhere from 5-7, dare I say what would now be referred to as Dude Bros, my buddy and I made many mixtapes for the purposes of ‘rocking out.’ Parties. In the car on the way to hockey. Workouts. Whatevs. We hand a bent […]

  • The Long, Lingering Death of the CD

    Best Buy to Pull CDs from Retail Stores It’s been at least a year, maybe two since I bought a physical CD. As someone who’s library was at one point pushing the 1,000 unit mark, I find that fascinating. I held on to my CDs for a long time, even after subscribing to Apple Music. […]

  • My Albums of 2011.

    Here’s the albums I dug the most, mostly for 2011. No particular order. Enjoy. Sam Roberts Band – ColliderI had hailed Love At the End of the World as Sam’s finest record yet to most of the people I argue about music with (ok, well, ONE person). But I think this record stepped it up […]