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  • The Grudge

    The Grudge Saturn Comes Back Around “Saturn ascends Choose one or ten Hang on or be Humbled again” In astrology, planets “ascending” means one of two things, either entering the “ascendant” (or “rising sign”), or coming close to another planet. In this case it would be Saturn coming back around to it’s original place in […]

  • The Long, Lingering Death of the CD

    Best Buy to Pull CDs from Retail Stores It’s been at least a year, maybe two since I bought a physical CD. As someone who’s library was at one point pushing the 1,000 unit mark, I find that fascinating. I held on to my CDs for a long time, even after subscribing to Apple Music. […]

  • The Sound of Sound City Studios

    When it comes to music recording and studios I’m a total geek. Half the reason I read liner notes is to find out where, how and by whom something was recorded. I wanna know how things were miked. Where the instruments were set up. What gear was used. Who pushed the faders. All that. I […]