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  • Tall Bikes Will Save The World

    Good mojo spreads organically. Hat tip to GeWilli via Stevil Knevil for the find. Spread the love.

  • Stairway to Heaven

    There is nothing I could add to this that would make any difference. Jimmy Page discusses the creation of Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in a sublime 8 minutes.

  • Medieval Wood Riving

    Love seeing traditional methods of woodworking and framing. Great video here on making 8, 13 metre long rafters from one tree. Just how well these guys maintain their tools and edges alone is an art in and of itself. Only way this could be any better was is if these guys rode their bikes out […]

  • To the 5 Boroughs

    For the most part any non-paved trails or trails in the woods are still snow-covered. The roads and shoulders are in terrible shape. Wet, crumbling, full of potholes. So we do ‘road’ bike rides on our mountain bikes this time of year. Doesn’t ruin your road bike, you don’t spend all your time fixing flats […]

  • 1971 Land Rover Series IIA

    Not your Daddy’s Oldsmobile. Mine is not your conventional mid-life crisis. I don’t want the fast red sports car. I long for the slow, red truck that’s noisy and has no radio. No bluetooth. No heated seats. This particular one is a nice shade, has the additional cool tie-in of being from the year of […]