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  • team buKit :: log

    The last two days have sucked on the bike. Really suffering. The legs are filled with lead. I must have completely run out of carbs. Like wounded children, I hear the all the Hostess cupcakes screaming at me as I pass every 7-Eleven on the ride. I am in the ‘pastry’ ring of hell.

  • team buKit :: log

    Day 12 in. As luck woud have it, coinciding with the Tour of Hope activities I am also in the midst of getting yearly medical checkups and such. Had a physical and the associated probings and needle picks. It was determined that I needed to lower my cholesterol a tad. This would turn out to […]

  • team buKit :: log

    Day six into preparations and a few notes. First off, much to the team’s chagrin, the last three days here in the DC area have been 102, 108 and 98 degrees respectively. Ugh. Africa hot. It’s not so much as ‘riding’ through the air as it is ‘swimming’ through it. The upside is you don’t […]

  • team buKit Announced

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE team buKit Tour of Hope Roster Announced JULY 24, 2005, ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Today team buKit is proud to announce the offical team roster for the 2005 Tour of Hope: Lyn Fackenthall: Cancer Survivor. General manager, coach, muse, partner. instigator, dietician, medical consult, Translator. She also cuts buKit’s hair. Julia Fackenthall: Team documentarian. […]

  • team buKit to Ride in 2005 Tour of Hope

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE team buKit TO RIDE IN 2005 TOUR OF HOPE JULY 19, 2005, ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA Today from his palatial ‘Luxury Town Residence’ in suburban Virgina, moderately recreational cyclist Kent Fackenthall (known in underground circles as ‘the buKit’) announced his intention ride in the Tour of Hope, a 50 mile bike ride on October […]