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  • Dog Bite

    Sunday morning Dirt Church solo ride. Early morning a small black bear jumped out and ran in front of me on the trail for about 100 metres before jumping in the bushes. I thought it was a cub, and waited for others or Mama to pass, but after I stopped, made a ridiculous amount of […]

  • Wind, LOLZ

    Headed out for a ride to town. The wind was, shall we say, significant. Little bit of resistance training, but at least the views were nice.

  • Preferred Seating

    Got a new packable camp chair. So I headed out to test it. I tested it for over an hour at this very spot. I slipped off my Crocs and put my bare feet in the cool dirt while sitting in this chair. It felt nice – I felt, connected. The wind blew nicely in […]

  • Where the Trees Used to Be

    Went for a ride in my ‘backyard’ the other day. Still conflicted about seeing trees bulldozed to build houses. I realize my hypocrisy of course – they bulldozed trees to build my house, but I wasn’t here for it. It’s less expensive and easier to go in and mow everything down and build, it will […]

  • Blues Explosion, Man!

    Got out with Titus for a long gravel stint. I think too much sitting and mashing on the Karate Monkey – my knees didn’t much like it. Was nice to go straight into the pool post-ride.

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