Tag: Marysville

  • #CoffeeOutside No. Whatever

    Busted out for a quick coffee along the river.

  • Rode Ride

    Went out on a road ride with @spoke_n_words because apparently these are still a thing. In typical form we managed to still ride some ‘non-road’ sections. I believe now that #gravel is a thing you can’t call them sectiONS, you have to call the sectORS, so we done rode some of those. I somehow managed even on my ‘road’ […]

  • Purple Reign

    Got out for a mixed surface ride with my buddy Andrew who was riding a bike almost as old as me. It’s a ’74 Peugeot.

  • Through the Window

    This morning I bailed on my bestest riding buddy because I didn’t want to get the Karate Monkey just irresponsibly filthy on its first ride out after last night’s deluge blew through. Silly, I know, but I’m in no way obligated to make sense to you. I felt bad though and it lead me to […]

  • HEAD SPACE FREE RIDE with #CoffeeOutside