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  • Some Thoughts on Layering & Kit for Winter Running

    You can do it too. In an article at Gear Junkie that I posted earlier on Facebook and Google+ this week, Eric Larsen said something that really resonated with me. People are always commenting how I’m nuts to be out in such cold or that it’s weird that I like being out in it. What he […]

  • #SpringThawChallenge Post-Holiday Weigh In

    So the Holidays – and time of unlimited consumption – are now behind us and time to get back to the task at hand. I did enjoy some treats over the Holidays, I will not lie, but tried to do so in moderation. In addition, I tried – and was relatively successful – in continuing […]

  • #SpringThawChallenge Update: Merry New Year Beef Jerky Time

    I’ll dispense with the trivialities. First weigh in since the beginning of the Challenge. We’re 20 days in. For those not paying attention – or too lazy to go back a few posts – I initially clocked in at 223 lbs with the goal being to maintain or lose weight over the winter towards a […]

  • A Challenge Within a Challenge

    Maybe he’s an enigma, a mystery wrapped in a riddle.” – Elaine Benes“He’s a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie.” – Jerry Seinfeld All Twinkies aside, day 11 into my #SpringThawChallenge and I’m feeling good about my progress. With the exception of a minor derailment last weekend – we’ll chalk it up to my depression over the […]

  • #SpringThawChallenge: The Weigh In

    Ah, so here we are at the threshold. Did the weigh-in this morning. Was a time in my young younger days when I was skinny as a whip and ate whatever I wanted. Then in the younger days, I discovered beer and the couch. Got married and tried – and sorta succeeded – to sort […]