Coffeeneuring 2015: Control 7

Plagued again by my small town’s lack of open coffee shops on Sunday morning, I was forced to be resourceful to knab my final control for this year.

Control #7

  • Date: November 15, 2015
  • Location: Tim Hortons, Marysville, New Brunswick
  • Order: Large Dark Roast Black, 3 sour cream glazed
  • Distance: 25km round trip
  • Bike Friendly: whatever.

Due to circumstances, I was forced to take advantage of the ‘same franchise, different location’ coffeeneuring rule and hit a different Tim Hortons’ than previously visited. S’ok, weather was great, was an excellent day for a ride and I took my coffee and donuts and found a nice spot by the river – so like a pseudo #coffeeoutside.