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  • Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #2

    Coffeeneuring 2019 Control # 2: Headed out to one of my favorite #coffeeoutside spots and set up a ‘coffee shop without walls’ for Control #2. Fixed myself up a nice coffee black. Gas station cream cheese and chocolate chip muffin was only a 6 out of 10 though. Did manage to drop a bunch of existential angst on […]

  • Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1

    Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1 – Rode out with my Number One Wingman @spoke_n_words in ridiculous conditions. Raining, like, a lot. More than we had planned when ride planning last evening. We called an audible and changed plans at the start for a different route to coffee at @chesspiececafe We got to our turn around point soaked to the bone. No amount […]

  • Coffeeneuring 2015: Control 7

    Plagued again by my small town’s lack of open coffee shops on Sunday morning, I was forced to be resourceful to knab my final control for this year. Control #7 Date: November 15, 2015 Location: Tim Hortons, Marysville, New Brunswick Order: Large Dark Roast Black, 3 sour cream glazed Distance: 25km round trip Bike Friendly: whatever. Due […]

  • Coffeeneuring 2015: Controls 5 & 6

    A tale of two coffees. Two more disparate coffees, I challenge you to find. Control #5 Date: October 24, 2015 Location: Chamcook Lake, NB, Canada Order: Fresh ground cup of Hobo Rouleur from Ocean Air Cycles Distance: 55km round trip Bike Friendly: Oh, hells yeah. While I was on a mini-getaway in St. Andrews, NB, […]

  • Coffeeneuring 2015: Controls 3 & 4

    Subcategory: Cookieneuring The Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015 continues. And sometimes, it gets ugly. Control #3 Date: October 11, 2015 Location: Read’s, Fredericton Order: Americano, Ginormous Chocolate Chip Cookie Distance: 30km round trip Bike Friendly: Yeh Hit up the Read’s news stand and cafe in downtown Fredericton. It was raining pretty good, which in my mind merits […]