Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #2

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control # 2: Headed out to one of my favorite #coffeeoutside spots and set up a ‘coffee shop without walls’ for Control #2. Fixed myself up a nice coffee black. Gas station cream cheese and chocolate chip muffin was only a 6 out of 10 though. Did manage to drop a bunch of existential angst on this trip thus making it a legit Corrective Action Bicycle Ride as well. Also, learned that the @porcelainrocket Microwave Pannier holsters work great even without the proprietary drybags just for stuffing extra stuff in. Layers, ground scores, what-have-you. I imagine they would also work great with other dry bags in a ‘multiple-smaller-dry-bag’ configuration as well as with various kinds of totes and other bags or whatever. I believe in the marketing industry this is all referred to as ‘added value’. I’mma call it rad.

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1 – Rode out with my Number One Wingman @spoke_n_words in ridiculous conditions. Raining, like, a lot. More than we had planned when ride planning last evening. We called an audible and changed plans at the start for a different route to coffee at @chesspiececafe We got to our turn around point soaked to the bone. No amount of rain gear mattered today. We rolled into Chess Piece and scarfed double espressos and ‘breakfast cookies’ (yes a real thing). My mind and body were so flooded with water I forgot to take any pictures for my Control report which may come back to haunt me later if I don’t end up getting enough Controls before deadline. Then we headed back to Andrew’s where I had another coffee in a legit AC/DC mug, because, METAL. All my stuff should be dry by Thursday. Maybe. A beautiful day to ride the bike. Thanks for the company, conversation and the official rock coffee my friend – officially, dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

Coffeeneuring 2015: Control 7

Plagued again by my small town’s lack of open coffee shops on Sunday morning, I was forced to be resourceful to knab my final control for this year.

Control #7

  • Date: November 15, 2015
  • Location: Tim Hortons, Marysville, New Brunswick
  • Order: Large Dark Roast Black, 3 sour cream glazed
  • Distance: 25km round trip
  • Bike Friendly: whatever.

Due to circumstances, I was forced to take advantage of the ‘same franchise, different location’ coffeeneuring rule and hit a different Tim Hortons’ than previously visited. S’ok, weather was great, was an excellent day for a ride and I took my coffee and donuts and found a nice spot by the river – so like a pseudo #coffeeoutside.