Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1 – Rode out with my Number One Wingman @spoke_n_words in ridiculous conditions. Raining, like, a lot. More than we had planned when ride planning last evening. We called an audible and changed plans at the start for a different route to coffee at @chesspiececafe We got to our turn around point soaked to the bone. No amount of rain gear mattered today. We rolled into Chess Piece and scarfed double espressos and ‘breakfast cookies’ (yes a real thing). My mind and body were so flooded with water I forgot to take any pictures for my Control report which may come back to haunt me later if I don’t end up getting enough Controls before deadline. Then we headed back to Andrew’s where I had another coffee in a legit AC/DC mug, because, METAL. All my stuff should be dry by Thursday. Maybe. A beautiful day to ride the bike. Thanks for the company, conversation and the official rock coffee my friend – officially, dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

To the 5 Boroughs

For the most part any non-paved trails or trails in the woods are still snow-covered. The roads and shoulders are in terrible shape. Wet, crumbling, full of potholes. So we do ‘road’ bike rides on our mountain bikes this time of year. Doesn’t ruin your road bike, you don’t spend all your time fixing flats in skinny tires and, the most enjoyable benefit, when you find a big long, muddy dirt or gravel road, you can see where it goes.

My compatriot Mr. T. and I had a rough idea of a route to visit 5 neighborhoods local to us. Our ‘homage’ to the Beasties record, if you will, check it out.

Coffeeneuring 2015: Controls 1 & 2

Got out for my first two controls for #Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015.

Control #1

  • Date: Oct. 3, 2015
  • Location: Chess Piece Café
  • Order: Americano with extra shot, Sausage Roll, Breakfast Volcano
  • Distance: 50km round trip
  • Bike friendly: Yeh

Might have totally stewed myself by hitting my favorite, and in my opinion, the best coffee shop in Fredericton, Chess Piece Pâtisserie. Was worth it though. Killer Americano with an extra shot, sausage roll and something they had new that day, the Breakfast Volcano – a cheese bun stuffed with sausage, red peppers, eggs and cheese. All in the middle of a 50km road ride. BAM!

Control #2

  • Date: Oct. 4, 2015
  • Location: Second Cup, Kings Place Mall
  • Order: Americano
  • Distance: 30km round trip
  • Bike friendly: Yeh

Rode into town for a meeting. Still had to get an Americano from Chess Piece beforehand, but afterwards, got one from Second Cup to fill another Control. Not as good as Chess Piece, but at least there was a bike rack.