Tag: Corrective Action Bicycle Club

  • Backyard Movie Night

    Had the idea to set up the Mac outside and stream a movie for the fam. Was fun – makes me think I should find a bigger screen tv or projector and have some CABC ‘bike-in’ movie nights. The feature this evening? The Triplets of Belleville. Very good.

  • Titus-itis

    Went out for an MTB ride in Penniac at the Hadley trail system. We were on the clock and Andrew flatted so was a short ride, but good to get out none-the-less. Nice light in the Corrective Action Bicycle Club clubhouse for pre-ride coffee.

  • Through the Window

    This morning I bailed on my bestest riding buddy because I didn’t want to get the Karate Monkey just irresponsibly filthy on its first ride out after last night’s deluge blew through. Silly, I know, but I’m in no way obligated to make sense to you. I felt bad though and it lead me to […]

  • Rolling Bike Tools Cart

    Over the years I’ve kept all my tools a plethora of ways, often due to what was on hand. The current Clubhouse has a dearth of wall space for your traditional pegboard, but at least there’s a nice view. I’d settled on keeping everything in a toolbox on the bench. Recently I picked up a @parktoolblue tool […]

  • CABC Dispatch

    Had to send out some bike mojo for the Corrective Action Bicycle Club. Did so, of course, by bike.