Through the Window

This morning I bailed on my bestest riding buddy because I didn’t want to get the Karate Monkey just irresponsibly filthy on its first ride out after last night’s deluge blew through. Silly, I know, but I’m in no way obligated to make sense to you. I felt bad though and it lead me to an opportunity to exercise one of the cornerstone maxims of the The Corrective Action Bicycle Club : ABP or Always Be Packed. At least one bike – if only one bike – must be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Today I did my chores, the grocery. Watched my weather app. Fixed an ironing board, cleaned the pool. Watched the skies. In instances like this, the question you have to have constantly surfacing is are you ready to leap? When your weather window comes, it will begin closing almost as soon as it opens. ARE YOU PREPARED TO JUMP TO THE OTHER SIDE CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED?