Exposing Truth on the Breakfast Loop

Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, Fredericton, New Brunswick

So couldn’t ride the bike to work today because, reasons, but did end up getting to work super early so decided to roll a Breakfast Loop. First one ever, I believe.

Fate does silly things. Came across this block on the sidewalk crossing the Westmorland Street bridge:

Sidewalk Psychology 101.

“Expose a truth about yourself…Vulnerability is Healthy!”

Ok then. Here goes: “I know there are aspects of parenting I’m failing at.”

Whoah. Pretty heavy for this early in the morning. Instead, here’s a bonus truth to lighten the mood:

“I have no known natural defenses against Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups”

Ok, session’s over. Make your next appointment with the secretary on the way out.

4 replies on “Exposing Truth on the Breakfast Loop”

  1. Parenting is work, failing is part of learning. I sure did it a lot when I was actively parenting though (my kid is grown now).

    Was it a Jenga block? We play that sometimes at the local pinball place and they all have things like this written on the sides of the blocks.

  2. Might have been a Jenga block yeah. Interesting. This one seems to have been deliberately placed owing to how I found it vs. just falling from someone’s bag. The world is an interesting place.

  3. I have an urge to leave little blocks like that all over the place… where”s my sharpie… where’s the scrap wood pile…

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