Advantage Multi

Dog needed some new flea/tick meds. Excuse for a ride. Also, new shoe day.

It seems silly to have an emotional attachment to an inanimate, non-sentient object. Until it doesn’t. But you and I know that the attachment isn’t just to the object, but also to what it engenders when astride it. The attachment to the feelings of release, independence, mobility, exhilaration. The satisfaction of moving yourself through the world – and being moved. That last ‘being moved’ part should be in italics, but social media is the death knell of fine writing. Love Song to A Bike by Alfred J. Prufrock. Cross my heart, hope to die. No take backs.

Rolling Bike Tools Cart

Over the years I’ve kept all my tools a plethora of ways, often due to what was on hand. The current Clubhouse has a dearth of wall space for your traditional pegboard, but at least there’s a nice view. I’d settled on keeping everything in a toolbox on the bench. Recently I picked up a @parktoolblue tool caddy for my stand. I liked it but was frustrated with having to reach around/through the bike for tools. Then I had the caddy mounted on a wall but that didn’t work either. Some tools in the caddy, some in the tool box – it was no good for my feng shui. I kept moving the stand around to try and get optimal stand/tool/bench positioning. “If only this stand had wheels,” I thought. But that wouldn’t work, it would fall over. But what if the TOOLS had wheels. I had this dolly I’d made to move furniture collecting dust in the garage. I had my base. I had these handles that came with the kids’ playground – long since deconstructed – that I was saving for some reason, because reasons. Sometimes things just align. Behold the CABC Tool Roller V.1.0. There’s even a hanger for my @randijofab apron made from an old rear cable hanger. If I ever have to move furniture again, I’m screwed, but moving furniture sucks anyway.

Garden 2020 Update

Last year we had two small planter boxes with some lettuce and herbs in them close to the house. This year we’ve decided to add a few more raised boxes for more veggies. Many years ago when the kids were small we had quite a large traditional ‘row’ garden, but that eventually got overgrown. I’ve now cleared/reclaimed that for my berry patch which currently has raspberries and blackberries and will eventually also have blueberries and currants. Here’s a little progress on the new boxes.