Thoughts all over the place and kept hitting roadblocks with work, so went out to spin the wheels in the oppressive heat to reset things. They’re putting a subdivision in on the ridge behind my house that overlooks the river flats. Some folks will have some very nice – albeit probably pricey – views. Kind of bums me out that the woods I’ve rolled around in for years will soon be populated. Fully aware of my hypocrisy, it bums me out see them mulching full grown trees to clear lots. Sigh. Progress.

Form 8879

Had to mail a US tax form. Good excuse as any for a bike ride. Emma pointed out that I could just put the letter in the mailbox at the end of our road instead of riding all the way to the post office. I know this. Kids. Ran across some action on the trail where there were some beavers doing what beavers do. Thing that impressed me is that this spot is a long way up a steep bank from the river. Do beavers know how to rope climb?