Tag: Hurricane Dorian

  • Nature is an Old Lady

    Went out with @spoke_n_words this morning to get wet in the tropical rain that Hurricane Dorian has been nice enough to bring up north for us. One of my favorite quotes from Tim Krabbé’s ‘The Rider’ came to me: “Instead of expressing their gratitude to the rain for getting wet, people walk around with umbrellas. Nature is […]

  • Low/High

    An Autobiographical Photo Essay in Seven Frames. I came home from work in a foul mood, even with it being Friday. Long story. I decided to head out and get what I could pre-Hurricane Dorian. My mood didn’t improve much when: [Frame 1] 15 minutes into my ride I was smacked with an exceptional exhibit […]

  • Being Prepared

    It’s not all fun and games in the Clubhouse. Here we see our hero running a check on the generator in preparation for whatever shenanigans Hurricane Dorian decides to throw our way. Couple of years back when Tropical Storm Arthur rolled through we were without power for almost a week. Gotta make sure the snacks in […]